Maggie Gold Rinaldo Chavez (1850-1880)


MARGARET (MAGGIE)2 GOLD (Louis1) was born on 20 Apr 1850 in Poland. She died on 16 Apr 1881 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She married (1) HYMAN RINALDO in 1865 in New York, New York, New York (Divorced 1872-1873). He was born on 08 Mar 1841 in Lipno, Plock, Poland. He died on 09 Dec 1904 in Rye Village, Port Chester, New York. She married (2) FRANCISCO CHAVEZ, son of Domingo Chavez and Juliana Vigil on 16 Dec 1877 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was born on 03 Apr 1851 in New Mexico. He died on 29 May 1892 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Notes for Margaret (Maggie) Gold:

Maggie Gold married twice - first to Hyman Rinaldo at age 15, with whom

she had her only child Annie Rinaldo Davis, mother of Aaron Davis who

tried to research this family in the 1950's and 1960's - Aaron found

some interesting information but made a lot of assumptions in his

writings, so it is hard to separate fact from fiction.

Aaron's niece, Jewel Jacobson Glatzer, recounted that Maggie had an affair with Francisco Chavez.

Maggie's second marriage was to Francisco Chavez on 12/16/1877. After Maggie's death in 1881, "Frank" Chavez became Sheriff of Santa Fe and made a number of political enemies. He was assassinated on May 29, 1892, while being accompanied home from a bar by Atilano Gold, Maggie's nephew. Atilano Gold was indicted for aiding and abetting the murderers, but the charges were dropped.

Hyman Rinaldo returned to New York with his daughter Ann. Hyman remarried to Lena ___ and had 2 children (Lillie and Nathan) by that marriage. Census records in 1880 and 1900 show his name as Herman (not Hyman).

1855 census in NYC shows her name as Matilda Goald.

Notes for Hyman Rinaldo:

Santa Fe Daily New Mexican July 17, 1871: "NOTICE of Co-Partners: The undersigned have this day formed a co-partnership for the purpose of carrying on the business of general merchandise under the firm and style of RINALDO & GOLD. H. Rinaldo, M.A. Gold"

Hyman was born March 8, 1841 in Lipno, Plock, Poland and he died December 9, 1904 in Rye Village, Port Chester, New York, USA. He is buried in the Rinaldo Mausoleum in Beth El Cemetery (Maimonides Cemetery), Brooklyn, New York, USA. He married first Margaret "Maggie" Gold 1864 and divorced her in 1872-1873 in Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, USA. She died April 16, 1881 in Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, USA and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Find-a-Grave ID#: 127865186. There is a picture of her headstone. 

Maggie's second husband Sheriff Francisco Chavez was born 1851 in New Mexico Territory and was killed on May 29, 1892 and buried in Rosario Cemetery, Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Find-a-Grave ID#: 45812324. He was shot to death by the "Button Society". There are several articles on his life but look at "Santa Fe's Delayed Hanging" by Robert W. Richard (Frontier Times Magazine, March 1971, photo of Frank Chavez below at right credited to Museum of New Mexico).  Maggie and Francisco were married December 16, 1877 in Santa Fe. They didn't have any children. Hyman's second marriage was to Lena Copinus. She was born in Prussia, Germany on October 25, 1850 and died November 3, 1940 in Manhattan, NYC. She is buried with Hyman in Maimonides Cemetery. They were married June 27, 1875 in NYC. They had 2 children Lillie and Matthew. If you need more info on them I have their marriages and death dates. I hope this has helped. Write any time and it is wonderful for me to have such a wonderful resource. Take care and be well, Andrea

Margaret (Maggie) Gold and Hyman Rinaldo had the following child:



ANNIE RINALDO was born on 23 Jan 1865 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She died on 20 Oct 1945 in Bronx, New York. She married Isaac Leroy (Lazarus) Davis, son of Abraham Davis and Justa Bloch on 23 Jan 1887 in New York, New York, USA. He was born in Oct 1864 in Russia. He died on 02 Nov 1927 in New York, New York.

Notes for Francisco Chavez:

Frank Chavez became Sheriff of Santa Fe after his wife Maggie's death. Murdered by political mob - see notes for Atilano Gold. First death penalty case in territorial NM, which went all the way to the US Supreme Court. 4 murderers were hanged for the crime. There are numerous articles about the murder, but none mentions that he was ever married to Maggie, though one notes that he had a controversial personal life. The 1885 territorial census shows that Francisco Chavez is widowed and has the occupation of Assessor - given that Maggie died in 1881 at age 30, this is a strong indicator that the Frank Chavez who was assassinated in 1892 was indeed the same Francisco Chavez who was married to Maggie Gold.